Mapping Cultural Heritage

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The MINERVA project is based on transdisciplinary and cross-border tools that will be used to develop the efficiency of the learning approach in Cultural Heritage and Geosciences.

 Taking into account the main goals of the project, the team is required to provide and deliver some specific software tools able to create and publish an open repository of materials created and built during this IO2.

The tool manage all learning resources in one accessible and easy-to-use web application, in order to be managed by each teacher producing didactical tools and materials.

In order to pursue those objectives, our technical team provided a web app which will coexist alongside MOOCs in the Federica platform and the Minerva official website.


Go to our tutorials to learn geotechnologies in cultrual heritage.

Case Studies

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Tools Inventory

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How to learn?

The objective of the Minerva project, to prepare innovative didactic materials to teach Geotechnologies to Cultural Heritage students, requires us to make a review of teaching methods that can be applied to our purpose. The result of this section will be to select those methods, strategies or techniques that best adapt to a student-centered teaching model in the field of Cultural Heritage. 

The Minerva Project

The MINERVA project is a programme funded by Erasmus + KA203 and Italian National Agency INDIRE, which seeks to develop and promote innovative methods and tools for teaching, learning and assessing Cultural Heritage in the use of Geotechnologies in Higher Education. MINERVA stands for "MappINg Cultural Heritage. Geosciences VAlue in Higher Education''. 

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